Fabric Echo has 2 types of materials. Those are Blockout and Light Filtering. The differences between Blockout and Light Filtering is Blockout fabric will completely prevent UV rays from entering the home, keeping rooms cooler during the summer, and protecting furnishings from fading due to UV rays while Light Filtering is allowing diffused light to enter the room. Here is the information you need to know from top left until the end of picture :

  1. Asphalt (Blockout)
  2. Bamboo (Blockout)
  3. Bamboo (Light Filtering)
  4. Basalt (Blockout)
  5. Beeswax (Blockout)
  6. Ghost White (Blockout)
  7. Ghost White (Light Filtering)
  8. Java (Blockout)
  9. Misty (Blockout)
  10. Misty (Light Filtering)
  11. Papyrus (Blockout)
  12. Storm (Blockout)

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